David Evans

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David Evans

Sr. Recruiting Associate, Banking

Dave is a man for all seasons. He is a former criminal Attorney with a law degree from the University of Florida. He is also a highly experienced recruiter with a variety of expertise including financial, IT, manufacturing and C-Level placements throughout the world.

Last year David was acknowledged by NPAworldwide for ranking among the top recruiters within the network. There are approximately 2500 recruiters working within NPAworldwide

“I really found practicing law interesting and gratifying. But when I decided to return back to the Northeast in the mid-nineties I thought it was time for a career change. I thought of recruiting to be an attractive career change on many levels. Surprisingly, there are some elements of practicing law that I am able to apply. For instance, the law requires that we read volumes of text. And the faster you read the better. Well, I see the same thing with volumes of resumes, particularly as database recruiting has exploded since the nineties.

I have found that working at PFP has been a good fit for my career as the company really does try to respect each individual’s recruiting needs. Sometimes, when I required flexible work hours, they have been very accommodating.”

David is a multi-faceted individual with interests that extend to international travel, gourmet dining and cooking, fine arts and professional tennis. One routine Dave faithfully adheres to is his annual attendance at the USA open each year. The other is that he has constantly proved to be an excellent recruiter for his clients and candidates for all his years at PFP.

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David Evans

Sr. Recruiting Associate

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Phone: 860-269-6312
Email: [email protected]
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Client Recommendations

Jon has been excellent to partner with. I engaged him on a few niche searches and he was able to present qualified, impressive candidates within a matter of days. I’m grateful for his ability to seek out talent that matches both the skill set of the role and culture of our organization. Additionally, I appreciated the level of preparedness that he instilled in his candidates, and how quickly we were able to move them through the interview stages. Overall, engaging Jon and his team made for one of the easiest, and most efficient partnerships that I’ve had thus far.

Erin Egstad

PHR, Recruiting Specialist, Hydrite

Jon is an exceptional recruiter. He is gifted at understanding the needs of his clients and going straight to work to find high quality candidates that have the credentials for the job. Jon saves hiring managers a significant amount of time with his highly effective approach. I strongly recommend Jon as a recruiter.

Stacey Moore

Director of Manufacturing Operations, Entegris

Jonathan helped me fill two critical roles in the organization. My controls and machinery engineer positions were open and being actively recruited for over 6 months prior to him becoming engaged. Once he got on board the quality of people improved and the transactions were all smooth and efficient. I’m very pleased to have Jonathan on my side.

Richard Owens

Reliability and Maintenance Manager, Messer Americas

My current post required the staffing of six regional maintenance and reliability teams with highly specialized engineers that were difficult to find, especially in certain geographies. For each position, Jon quickly presented numerous high quality candidates that allowed us to staff each team with exception talent. Jon was always very responsive throughout the process and offered sound advice. He is one of the most effective and efficient recruiters with whom I have ever worked.

Mark E. Lawrence

Head of Plant Reliability, Region Americas, The Linde Group

We enlisted Jonathan’s expertise for a highly specific role. Throughout the process, Jon was pleasant and professional. He was quick to respond to our needs. Jon did a great job performing the outreach leg work we didn’t have the time or resources to do.

Melissa Fisk

PHR, SHRM, Praxair

Candidate Recommendations

Jon found a unique career opportunity for me that fit well into not only my previous experiences and background but also my desired career path. Jon was a great facilitator and advocate during the process and ensured what may have been a highly-anxious process was in fact extremely smooth and positive for all parties involved. Jon’s professionalism and thoughtfulness were key in navigating a challenging and complex situation towards an eventual fulfilling career opportunity.

Matthew Nusinov

Area Supply Manager, Linde North America

What can I say about Jonathan? Excellent! Professional! Very knowledgeable regarding the position. It was a pleasure working with him, as he walked me through the whole process, explaining what would be happening, etc. He answered all my questions honestly and accurately, provided advice, and kept me informed in a timely manner each step of the way. After I accepted the company’s offer and started with them, he even took the time to call me and see how I was doing – that was much appreciated. I strongly recommend working with this gentleman.

John Martin

Regional Controls Engineer, Linde Gas LLC

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